Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time Stands Still

"...and as the man was hurtling through the air, he caught sight of his Lucky Stone flying alongside him. As he stretched his arm out to hold it, his life did more than flash before his eyes. He was everything, and he was nothing, and he was a boy, and he was an old man, and he his head was in the oven, and his wife lay curled to his chest when he hit the ground. When everything stopped, and when something else started.

Soon they found him, and were surprised to find his hand clenched so tightly around a small white rock. It was pried open, and the stone was thrown away."

500 Days Of Summer

When I was watching the movie, I kept thinking that both of the characters were like me. I thought about it more, and came to this conclusion: My mind is not unified by a single objective*. This in turn got me thinking about all the other things. Is this normal? Well yes and no. When I look at hardcore Republicans or Democrats, I see people who are willing to label themselves in an attempt not to have to make decisions for themselves. When I look at extremist anything, really, it's the same. Why my mind like this? Possibly growing up in a warzone, or maybe just loving two people who hate eachother can do that to you. When step back and look at myself, I usually see that I'm leaning towards one side on some argument or another. But when I LEAP back, I see that I have never decided outright that one choice in these key arguments is better than the other. I don't really know how to explain it any better, and I didn't plan it out so this is what you get.

Then again, I'm probably not unique.

*I'm really not trying to be proud or anything here. Really. I'm not better than anyone because I'm unique, if in fact I am, which I don't even know. Please don't see me for someone proud.