Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's a burden to be smart.

But someone has to do it.

Weird Things

Some weird things just happened to me.

My dear mother told me when i got home from school that my step-father had been asked to leave.

How delightful.

I took all of my autistic step-brother's things out of my room, and the house feels empty.
And calm.
Peaceful, you could say.

Why is he gone?

He stole 1,200 dollars out of a joint account and didn't tell anyone. And was planning to take everything in the house and leave during my birthday party.

Or at least that's what mom says.


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Life Becomes Real

"...The boy had been born. But it didn't cry. They did. The mother and father decided that their next child, the second-born, would be the one to live up to those lost expectations..."